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I am a man who believes in love, the love of God. My pieces try to represent this way of seeing the world, nature, people, everything from an optimistic, loving and over all happy vision.


Christian Bakker was born in Quito, Ecuador. His higher studies were done at the at the University of Georgia in the United States. Bakker obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from IDE Ecuador and a Postgraduate degree in Leadership in Sustainability from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. He has taken several courses in Sustainability from the Harvard University (United States), IESE (Spain), and others. He was Vice President of Sustainability for 25 years in PRONACA, the biggest food and agricultural company in Ecuador. This job has allowed him to be part of several humanitarian associations such as: The World Business Consul for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Global Pact, an initiative from the United Nations among others.

Bakker studied art in Ecuador and the United States at the The Art Students League and MOMA Museum in New York. He has presented exhibits in his home country in the cities of Quito, Guayaquil and Otavalo and internationally he has been in New York, San Diego, Portugal and Madrid. Currently his works are exhibited in different galleries around the world.  


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